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The unique personalities of our team is what makes our studio such an amazing place!  There are many teaching opportunities at Downtown Yoga and we are always looking to grow our team. Our studio is a great place to grow your practice, explore your own individual teaching style and introduce yoga to members of our community.

Required: a fun, approachable personality and a love for Hartford.

See our list of classes—and we're always open to new workshops and events.

Interested in learning more? Email us about upcoming teacher auditions. 

Studio Ambassadors

Love this community as much as we do? Our Downtown Yoga ambassador program is perfect for those who share our enthusiasm and want to spread the word of happiness and health to those around them! 

Required: Interest in yoga, Hartford and meeting new people

We offer our ambassadors a free unlimited yoga membership in exchange for embracing our mission and working our studios front desk one night per week and spreading the word about our community classes and events.

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