Shawntell Layaw

Shawntell completed her 200 hour teacher training at The Yoga Shop with Annie Quagliaroli and Kim Charbonneau in 2013. Her studies included power, all levels and foundations of Vinyasa yoga. “I believe that yoga connects the mind, body and spirit enabling us to become aware of the layers that prevent us from knowing our true selves. It can be challenging to maintain our health when our lives are so busy and sometimes stressful. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by our responsibilities and forget to take care of ourselves. Practicing yoga helps me find balance so I can make time for all the things that are important to me: family, work, community, hobbies and most importantly myself. It helps me find peace of mind, strength in my body and love in my soul. Through teaching I want to share the gift of yoga with others so that they can create balance in their own lives and find the courage to live their truth.