Kasey Vidaud

Kasey Vidaud is a passionate artist and yoga person making her way through life with as much laughter and smiles as possible! Something inexplicable drew her to the yoga practice like a strong magnet. Her first exposure to the non-physical aspects of yoga was when she was given the Bhagavad Gita, where the tenets of yoga like compassion, truthfulness and detachment were revealed to her.

Kasey studied classical Hatha-Raja Yoga under Yogi Sri Dharma Mittra for nearly two years, earning her 200-Hr certification in 2014 at the Dharma Yoga Center in NYC. She is currently studying science of anatomy & meridians with Rose Erin Vaughan from Body Aware, NYC. Her goal with guiding students is just that - to GUIDE. She believes in you being your own best teacher, you knowing inside you what is best, you being your own Guru. She aims to guide you to become aware of the eternal, unwavering light source within, that you can tap into at any time, and to begin to practice cultivating that light into other areas of your life.

Kasey believes yoga has something to offer for every student. If the self realization talk doesn't resonate with you, maybe you just want to come move your bod, perfect! Maybe you just want to learn to breathe, perfect! Maybe you want to heal an injury. Whatever draws you to try the practice is perfect. You can pick and choose what aspects of the practice compliment your life and needs. While she teaches a reflective class, she's all about humor & always keeps things light and fun! Outside of yoga, Kasey is a photographer, painter, music lover and traveler!