Our ambassadors have the honored role of being the face of DTY, helping our students with anything they might need, and are integral to creating our community atmosphere. In addition to some DTY perks (and making new friends!), being an ambassador is great level of service to the studio and your community! We thank you!

What is the Ambassador program?
Ambassadors serve as managers on duty when they are in the studio. Their presence creates a relaxing, friendly, welcoming presence in the studio. When on duty, they’re there to check people in and troubleshoot (to the best of their abilities) any issues that arise.

Traits: responsibility, accountability, helpfulness, friendliness, punctuality


  • Unlimited access to the classes at DTY and discounts for special events
  • 10 guest passes per month

Nuts and Bolts

  • Arrive at DTY 30 minutes before the first class
  • Open the studio and get everything set up
  • Turn on lights
  • Light candles and incense
  • Check that all the equipment is in order
  • Refills for cleaning solution, paper towels, tampons and toilet paper are kept in the back room, across from the bathroom
  • Greet and check guests in using Tula
    • Every ambassador has their own unique log-in to TULA which they can use to access the check-in page

Bring the People